Financial Planning Services

What can we do for you?
As your financial adviser, we will help you put protection in place to provide financial assistance in the event of your death, and the resulting loss of income.

We help you determine the amount of Life Insurance you need to meet your objectives based on a full Insurance needs analysis.

Health Insurance

In New Zealand, we are very fortunate to have a good public health system, but unfortunately, it’s not flawless.

That’s where Private Health insurance can provide considerable peace of mind, and in many cases, faster access to certain health services. There are numerous and varied options, which we’ll discuss with you in detail to find the right cover for your needs.
We assist our corporate clients and business owners to look at ways they can offer their employees value on top of their normal remuneration package; ways to benefit their employees’ wellbeing and family protection.

In a recent article published by Seek listing the Top Five work perks employees want in 2019 in New Zealand, Health Insurance topped the list. If you are considering your employee benefits, we welcome you to get in touch.
Critical Illness Cover is becoming a very big part of the discussion we have with almost every client we meet; this addresses the financial implications in the event that a client suffers a serious illness, for example cancer, heart attack, stroke etc.

When someone in the family or household is diagnosed with a serious illness, it affects the while family. The financial impact can be extremely difficult due to monthly living costs and potential medical bills, or loss of income due to not being able to work.

We will assist you to identify the amount of cover needed and which benefits provide you with the appropriate cover.
For a lot of Kiwis their ability to earn an income is by far their biggest asset. Let’s use two examples to illustrate the above-mentioned point:

• A client aged 35 earning $65,000.00 Gross per year increasing at an average rate of 3% year will earn $3,092,402.00 if they work till the age of 65.
• A client aged 40 earning $100,000.00 Gross per year increasing at an average rate of 3% year will earn $3,645,926.00 if they work till the age of 65.

We can help you put Income Protection Insurance in place to provide financial assistance should you be unable to work due illness or injury.
Owning your own home has always been the quintessential Kiwi dream; we can assist you to make this a reality by helping you from the very beginning of the process – from saving your deposit, all the way to the day you get the keys in your hand.

And we don’t stop there. We are also able to provide advice when you are looking to buy your second home or rental property to start building up long-term wealth through a property portfolio.
Looking for finance for business or personal needs? We can help. Competitive interests rates on car, boat and commercial vehicle loans, business loans and more.