Life insurance provides financial protection to your family when you can’t.


Life insurance is not about how much money will be paid out when a policyholder dies. It’s about knowing that you will be taking care of your family and loved ones if tragedy strikes


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As your financial adviser, we will help you put protection in place to provide financial assistance in the event of your death, and the resulting loss of income. We help you determine the amount of Life Insurance you need to meet your objectives based on a full Insurance needs analysis.

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Our clients' views about their journey

  • Johan & Thea
    Johan was extremely professional and remained very patient with me over an extended period while I repeatedly changed the parameters until it suited me. I will gladly recommend Johan and his team.
    Johan & Thea
  • Kobus & Lizette
    Johan kept us up to date throughout the process and helped us to make the right decisions.
    Kobus & Lizette
  • Jasmine & Brad
    The experience was great, we really like the portal, and like how easy it was to contact you.
    Jasmine & Brad
  • Brian & Tom
    Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Feels as though you have our backs and there’s full trust and confidence.
    Brian & Tom
  • Gina
    It is so refreshing and relaxing to have an insurance provider for both our business and personal needs, be so responsive and caring.
  • Albert & Barbara
    Leapway is the best! Johan will take the time to explain all information to the fullest and always there when you need to call on him. We have now gone through Leapway for all our financial needs that one would require.
    Albert & Barbara
  • Manlio & Manuela
    Johan is exceptional, is seeking the best for us, always keeping us up to date. We see him as part of the family.
    Manlio & Manuela
  • Venus
    Good Service - thank you!
  • Sarah
    This process was extremely stress-free and easy was fantastic - I was kept well informed and updated, it exceeded my expectations.
  • Nguyen
    I was kept well informed and updated, and my needs have been understood and met. The overall experience so far has exceeded my expectations and having Johan present at our offices what very helpful!
  • Mohammed & Perjine
    My wife and I are so thankful and grateful to Mr. Johan Fritz. We spent many years outside New Zealand, and as we landed in Auckland last August to stay permanently, we contacted Johan, asking him to assist us with the best medical insurance to go with that suits our age and requirements. After a week, John visited our home, with proposed documents that demonstrate various options with very informative data analysis being given that effectively helped us in making our right choice. Johan seemed highly professional, friendly, kind and pleasant. His approach in communicating to clients is highly friendly, and informative.
    Mohammed & Perjine
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Nigel Gaddes
Nigel Gaddes
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Great results and communication. Thanks team Leapway.
rochelle armstrong
rochelle armstrong
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Huge thanks to Matt, Sol and the team at Leapway. So easy to deal with when updating our health and life insurances. We now have more comprehensive cover and saving some money so we are very happy. Armstrong Family.
Flex Group Ltd Flex Group Ltd
Flex Group Ltd Flex Group Ltd
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We can’t speak highly enough of Johan Fritz as our advisor. Very detailed and professional!
Daleen Stadler
Daleen Stadler
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Johan Fritz helped us with getting finance for a car. He was friendly and very helpful. He explained everything we needed to know clearly. The whole process was easy and pain free. I would highly recommend their services. Thank you Johan!
Dawid Daniel Marais
Dawid Daniel Marais
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If I could give 10stars I would. Johan assisted us from start to finish to purchase our first home, there were many hurdles but he made it happen and always ensured that we were kept updated. Thanks Johan couldn’t have done it without you!
erin February
erin February
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Johan and Lezanne are such a great support and we feel them as part of our family. They are always available and they provide us awesome advises. Strongly recommended
Manuela Petrucci
Manuela Petrucci
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We met Johan shortly after moving to NZ. He assisted us initially with a financial review and it was clear we needed to get insurance underway. Not only has he given us massive support and guidance on all things insurance and investment, but he also delivered on all promises. Recently he helped us through the process of buying our first home and his communication, knowledge and understanding of this process was astounding!! We call him when ever we are unsure, need advice or details and he helps every-time. We are glad to be a part of his client base - and feels like actually being family. WE Recommend him!
Nathan Fisasi
Nathan Fisasi
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Mohammed Hikmet
Mohammed Hikmet
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Johan is great. He is always responsive. Always there if we have a tiny question. We feel very comfortable with Johan and his team! Thank you for everything!

Choosing the right premium option

When it comes to life insurance, a policyholder will either be charged a level rated premium or one that increases each year at a fixed percentage (i.e. an escalated premium) or in line with the age rated increases matching the increase in risk. It is important for policyholders to understand the difference between these premium patterns so that they can ensure they are paying the most appropriate rate for their life insurance, both now and in future.

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Three different types of life cover

Built in Benefits

1Terminal Illness Benefit
Provides an early payment of your Life Cover if you are diagnosed as being terminally ill and likely to die within 12 months. This means you can spend your remaining time with your family and loved ones without worrying about your finances.
2Specified Terminal Conditions Benefit
If you suffer one of the specified terminal conditions, you can choose to have 30% of your sum assured up to $250,000 paid in advance. Some terminal conditions, such as motor neurone disease, offer longer survival rates but can have a significant impact on your lifestyle. This benefit enables you to make any immediate changes to your situation, as required.
3Financial and Legal Advice Benefit
This enables you at claim time to access financial and legal advice from your insurer to an approved financial adviser or legal professional. Most of the insurers we work with will reimburse you for fees up to $2,500 (incl. GST). This is a oneoff payment across all policies for each life assured.
4Bereavement Support
Pays an upfront lump sum of $15,000 which can be used to pay for funeral costs or any other expenses as needed. This payment will be deducted from the life assured’s sum assured.
5Special Events Total Permanent Disablement/ Trauma Facility
We want to make it easy for you to add additional benefits to your Life Cover without needing to provide further medical information. At the time of a special event, you can apply to add a limited amount of ‘accelerated’ Critical Conditions cover, ‘accelerated’ Progressive Care or ‘accelerated’ Total Permanent Disablement cover to your Life Cover.
6Parents Grieving Benefit
If the worst should happen to your child and they pass away, insurers will help with associated expenses. The policy will pay you $2,000 for children aged under 10 years and $15,000 for children between 10-21 years of age.
7Repatriation Benefit
We will reimburse you for the costs (5% of the Life Cover sum assured up to $20,000) of returning the life assured’s body to New Zealand if they die while overseas. This payment will be deducted from the sum assured.
8Special Events Increase Facility
Enables you to increase the sum assured under your cover following a significant event in your life which results in increasing financial responsibilities. These significant events include: having a child, your child starting secondary school, taking out or increasing a residential home loan or receiving a salary increase and other major events.
9Premium Conversion Facility
You have the option to convert all or part of your sum assured to a level premium structure without further medical underwriting.
10Counselling Benefit
Most of our chosen insurer partners will pay up to $2,500 (incl. GST) to cover the cost of a Psychiatrist or Psychologist consultation and counselling for you and/or your family where the treatment directly relates to a claim.
11Suspension of Premium Benefit
Enables you to suspend your life insurance should you go on parental leave or on leave without pay for any reason, for up to 12 months. You cannot claim during this time or in the future for any health related conditions that occur during this suspension period.
12Worldwide Cover
Whether you’re at home, travelling or living overseas for any period, you remain insured.

Optional benefits you can add on:

Future Insurability Benefit

You can apply to increase your sum assured at every third policy anniversary without providing any further medical information. Limits and conditions apply and every increase in cover will result in an increase in premium.

Waiver of Premium

This can remove the burden of paying premiums when you are unable to work due to total disability. We will waive your premium payments, while your insurance remains in place.

Accidental Injury Cover

You will receive a single up-front payment, should you be injured accidentally. You can use it for whatever you need: covering treatment costs, getting taxis to work, hiring someone to help with children, or simply taking time off work to recover. You choose how much cover you need, up to $5,000 a month, the lump sum you receive is based on the treatment you require. Making a claim under this optional benefit is not affected by payments from ACC or other in.
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