About Us

The company was established in September of 2008.

Our Promise

When we work with our clients, we wanted each client to know that we understand the amount of trust involved when talking to a trusted adviser about your financial and personal health affairs, we understand that this involves taking a leap of faith. We wanted to ensure our promise is front of mind and always present as a constant reminder that we do not take this responsibility lightly and promise that we will show the way and support you on your Financial Journey thus the name Leapway was very fitting.

We help everyday Kiwis with the stuff that is put into the “too hard to do” basket. This ranges from taking out insurance to protect your family to planning to buying your first home.

Our Commitment

In placing our clients first our commitment is:
  • Respect
  • Relationship
  • Regulated
  • Results
  • Care and Diligence

We are Your Trusted Adviser